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  • Kate Pickford

From dull to dynamic: 5 ways to make workplace training more engaging

Ever delivered a training session, only to wonder if anyone actually retained the information? You're not alone. Every learner is unique, making it challenging to design and deliver training that works for everyone. But here's the real kicker, adult learners in the business world are busy! Lengthy lectures that don't translate to practical application are a recipe for wasted time and forgotten information.


So, how do you get the most out of your training investment? Here are some best practices that might not have crossed your mind:


Transform your training with multimedia:

Forget the text-heavy slides. Think beyond the traditional classroom setting. Infographics, data visualisations, and high-quality images can break down complex concepts. Imagine the BBC bitesize approach but for adults! Even well-placed memes can add a touch of humour and enhance understanding.


Learning on the go:

Why stop the learning when the training ends? Cater to busy schedules and keep commutes productive with downloadable audio resources. Podcasts, narrated presentations, or guest speaker recordings let learners continue their learning journey on the go.


Bring the classroom to life:

Videos, case study demonstrations, and microlearning modules can be incredibly engaging. Think of them as mini classroom sessions delivered directly to your learners. Keep them concise and focused on specific learning objectives to ensure maximum impact.


Make it interactive:

Encourage active participation by incorporating quizzes, polls, or breakout room discussions in online sessions. For in-person training, consider simulations, role-playing exercises, or interactive whiteboards.


Accessibility matters:

Creating an inclusive learning environment goes beyond ticking a box. Accessibility ensures everyone learns comfortably and effectively. This might involve features like closed captions for videos, descriptive text for images, or keyboard navigation for online modules. By taking these considerations into account, you're opening the door for a wider range of learners to participate and succeed.


By incorporating diverse multimedia elements and prioritising accessibility, you can create training programs that are not only engaging but truly inclusive for all adult learners.


Building a training course that works for everyone can be challenging, but that's where Neve Learning comes in. Neve Learning is designed with both the learner and trainer in mind and helps you get the most return on your training investment. Discover more about Neve Learning and how it's changing the future of workplace learning.

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