Hyrbid. Inclusive. Personalised.

Neve Learning has been built as a neurodiversity-first training platform which means that, rather than adapt the courses, screens, and interface we have designed them from the beginning to be inclusive and have considered the needs of diverse users. Not only do the learners have a better and more inclusive experience but the trainers do as well. 

The pillars that define Neve Learning

Explore the fundamental pillars of Neve Learning, meticulously crafted to streamline course creation for trainers and cultivate a learning environment that prioritises user-friendly interactions and accessibility for all. These pillars form the backbone of our commitment to simplicity, adaptability, and inclusivity, ensuring an effective and enjoyable educational experience for both trainers and learners alike. 

Accessible & Inclusive Design

Intentional design elements not only emphasise a user-friendly interface for both trainers and learners but also address a broad range of learning needs and preferences, ensuring accessibility for all.


Meticulously designed from the ground up with neurodiverse-first principles. Ensuring accessibility at the very core of the platform. A commitment unmatched by any other learning platform .

Flipped-Classroom Delivery

By eliminating fixed schedules educators can tailor their approach for a more efficient and personalised training process. Transforming both learner and trainer dynamics.


Delivering a cost-effective solution with a tiered pricing approach, ensuring flexibility and affordability for a tailored training experience that meets unique organisational needs.

Simple for trainers

Neve Learning has been built to help training providers and large organisations manage and deliver professional learning in a way that includes neurodiversity and is aligned with a future-focused education framework. 

With Neve Learning, you have the freedom to learn what you want, when you want, and how you want, making the learning experience more effective and lasting for everyone.

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Professional learning​
that fits you

Professional training is often a one-size-fits-all model. It can leave people excluded from learning or learning in ways that just don’t work for them. 

Neve Learning tackles this by embedding learning into the individual’s life. Over time, it gets to know learners and adapts the learning experience to best suit their unique needs and ways of learning. It gives them the freedom to learn what they want, when they want, how they want. This makes learning a more effective – and lasting – experience for everyone. 

Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.2

Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.2 defines how to make web content more accessible to people with disabilities, encompassing various disabilities, including visual, auditory, physical, speech, cognitive, language, learning, and neurological impairments. Neve Learning has been built with adherence to the current established guidelines, emphasising our commitment to delivering an inclusive educational experience for all learners.

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Our flexible pricing

We understand that your training needs are as unique as your learners. Your requirements may change over time, so we offer a flexible pricing structure that can adapt with you. Our tiered approach allows you to choose the plan that’s right for you now, and can always change as your usage changes.

Tier 1

£ 595
Per quarter
**66p Cost Per User
*£20 Per Course
  • 60 days free trial
  • Up to 30 courses
  • Essential Technical Support

Tier 2

£ 1,325
Per quarter
**52p Cost Per User
*£15.60 Per Course
  • 60 days free trial
  • Up to 85 courses
  • Enhanced Technical Support

Tier 3

£ 2,750
Per quarter
**46p Cost Per User
*£13.75 Per Course
  • 60 days free trial
  • Up to 200 courses
  • Enhanced Technical Support

**Cost per user is based on 30 users per scheduled course, for the maximum number of courses per tier. 
*Cost per course is based on maximum number of courses per tier. 

Neve Learning is brought to you by the team at This is Milk

Led by Managing Director Angela Pretner Smith, This is Milk has established itself as a global leader in Digital Transformation, Business Transformation, Service Design, and Digital Strategy. The company is dedicated to creating secure and diverse workspaces, ensuring employee well-being and support. Their expertise spans various industries and sectors, making them a trusted partner for organisations seeking transformation and growth. This is Milk exemplifies innovation and excellence, driven by its vision for a future where organisations thrive through innovation and customer-centric strategies.

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