Release Notes

Welcome to our Release Notes page! Here, you will find detailed information about the updates, enhancements, and bug fixes included in each of our bi-weekly releases. Our development team, dedicated to continuous improvement and innovation, follows a two-week sprint cycle, ensuring that we consistently bring new features and improvements to our products.

Release Schedule:

  • Frequency: Every 2 weeks.
  • Release Day: Releases are scheduled for Mondays.
  • Advance Notice: Release notes will be made available approximately one week prior to the live deployment of the update. This allows our users to familiarize themselves with the upcoming changes and plan accordingly.

We encourage you to check this page regularly to stay informed about the latest developments. Your feedback is invaluable to us, so please do not hesitate to reach out if you have any comments or suggestions regarding our releases.

Thank you for being a part of our journey towards continuous improvement and innovation!

0.27.0 – 2024 February 12

When uploading a video as a Trainer or Organisation Admin, users can now attach a transcript for the video, improving the accessibility of learning materials.

  • Update to navigation bar, simplifying and improving user experience.
  • Multiple updates to the profile page to increase utility and improve user experience in this area.
  • Updated external links to Terms & Conditions, Commitment to Accessibility, and Neve Learning Release notes. All links can be found in the one area on the profile page. These links all now refer to the new website.
  • Implemented a “Support panel” to give users a way to quickly and easily contact us to provide feedback on their experience with the platform. We are excited to hear from you!
  • Implemented multiple Accessibility tips into the course builder to assist Trainers in making their content accessible, improving the overall accessibility of the platform, and promoting a more inclusive learning experience.
  • Added information to the Organisation Admin logo upload page to assist users in uploading high-quality branding that will be present on their Neve Learning courses.
  • Improved activity type labels for more clarity for Learners completing courses on Neve.

0.26.0 – 2024 January 29

  • Opening and closing an accordion now has a visual sliding animation to make the platform look smoother.
  • Tables without data now use an empty table component.
  • All users can see a badge on the notification navigation bar menu item, when they have a new unread notification.


  • The logo, which the organisation admin uploads, is now displayed in the top right corner of the course pages on the learner side.

Super admins:

  • Can now delete users from the platform.

0.25.1 – 2024 January 15

  • Immersive course view – going through a course as a learner has had an overhaul to become more immersive. There are now less distractions and a smoother experience when navigating a course.
  • Branding – An organisation’s logo will now appear on every page as a learner goes through a course, so it will be crystal clear who built the course.

0.24.0 – 2023 December 08

  • Schedule live training to take place in-person rather than online.
  • Improved learner course view – user can now see modules in accordions rather than tabs. 
  • Upload your logo as an organisation.
  • Courses on the learner dashboard is are now ordered by date.
  • Scheduled courses can now have optional end dates

0.23.0 – 2023 November 28

  • View details of scheduled courses as an organisation admin.
  • View a preview of a course as an organisation admin.
  • The schedule course form is now a schedule course stepper – more friendly and intuitive to use.
  • New and improved learner course view – get a better overview of the course.
  • View an organisation management screen as an organisation admin. Watch this space for an overview of everything in the organisation and basic branding features.
  • LOTS of bug fixes and performance increases.

0.22.0 – 2023 October 30

  • The notification panel will show the 3 most recent notifications a user has received. Unread notifications are marked with a red dot.
  • All notifications for a user can be seen on new notifications page. Unread are marked with a red dot, a user can “mark all as read” by using the button on this page.
  • When a scheduled course is cancelled, the system will email the trainer and any enrolled learners to notify them. The user will also get a notification in the app.
  • Any mention of “Training Provider” or “Training Provider Admin” in the app will now be “Organisation” or “Organisation Admin”. For the Learner side, “Pathway” is now “Courses”.
  • When a user is invited to be a Trainer on Neve Learning, they will now receive an email as well as an in app notification.
  • When logged in as an Organisation Admin, in the Files area, there is now a button to preview a video or image file. The preview will open in a new tab.
  • Organisation Admin can preview any published course in their Organisation to verify the contents.
  • Organisation Admin can preview a scheduled course to check the details. Trainer side scheduled course view has also been updated.

0.21.0 – 2023 October 23

  • Schedule a course as a training provider admin
  • Upload a file as a training provider admin
  • Refactor tables to look better on mobile

0.20.0 – 2023 October 09

  • Training Provider Admins can view a list of courses published by trainers on behalf of the provider.
  • Training Provider Admins can cancel a scheduled course.
  • Learners can see if a course has been cancelled, from the pathway.
  • Emails are sent from Neve Learning, using the address